Nicola Modugno in the picture

Consultant and web developer
to implement your marketing strategies

I translate into code the strategies designed to increase your turnover

I call myself one “hybrid” web developer , halfway between a backend developer and a frontend developer, and I focus on developing features that are really useful for your company or your users/customers.
What can you use my experience for?

Creation of websites and e-commerce that enhance conversions

I create websites and e-commerce for my customers paying attention to their usability and structuring them in a persuasive way, so that they are an active resource for the increase in turnover.

Advanced customization of WordPress and web portals

For the past 12 years I have been creating plugins and themes for WordPress or expand existing ones to meet the needs of my customers, getting not only the results initially desired but often something more!

Integration of CMS/CRM and external services to automate tasks

I connect different software and services so that data exchanges take place without human intervention: if some operations become automatic, the margin of error decreases and productivity increases.

Who I am, professionally

Web developer

I’m the person you can turn to when the solutions already available on the market can’t meet your graphic or functional needs, or when something doesn’t work and you need to untangle code and database to understand why.

I am also (and above all) the person you can turn to when you need to realize a custom functionality, or when you realize that certain needs are so critical for your business that you need a robust and durable solution.


A little bit by character, a little bit by having always worked on marketing projects, I tend to ask myself “why” and “the meaning” of things: why should a user perform a certain action? Is there a better way to solve a problem, given the context? What are the consequences of adopting certain solutions?

My consultancy is used to define operational, technical or practical details, which serve for the effective implementation of a functionality or integration, and which allow, consequently, to concretize the marketing strategies or business process optimizations hypothesized.